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turtle collection

African helmeted terrapin

The African Helmeted Terrapin can reach up to eight inches in circumference. They have a unique "folding" neck, which makes them very interesting animals. The African Helmeted Terrapin can be found primarily in Senegal. In fact, it is the most commo

Australian snake necked turtle

The Australian Snake Necked Turtle has a smooth, long carapace that is mostly oval-shaped, with a small length-wise dip that runs from the top of the carapace to the bottom, complementing the carapace's dark brown, green, or black color. The turtle's

Big Headed Turtle

The most striking characteristic of this moderately sized turtle is its head, which is very large and triangular. Because the head is so large, it cannot be drawn into the turtle's shell. This results in more vulnerability, which the Big-Headed Turtl

Black Marsh Terrapin

The Black Marsh Terrapin's carapace can grow to nearly 8 inches in length (20 cm) and is usually entirely black, as are the limbs. The head is grey or black with white markings. The eyes are also surrounded by white. They have webbed feet and the car

Blanding's Turtle

Mature Blanding's turtles average 27 centimeters in length and weigh up to three pounds. It has a very long head and a brightly colored yellow chin and throat. Their heads, tails, and limbs are bluish-black. Blanding's Turtles' plastrons are yellowis

Bog Turtle

Bog Turtles attain an average shell length of 3 inches (8 cm), but can grow up to a little over 4 inches (11 cm). The Bog Turtle can be identified by its bright yellow or orange chin and throat. The shell is dome shaped on the bottom and oblong from

Box Turtle - Chinese

A small turtle with a high dome, the Chinese Box Turtle has a dark brown shell. This rich brown shade is uniform, except for the light yellow stripe on the vertebral keel and the light colored edge around the plastron. These light markings are the ba

Box Turtle - Eastern

When full grown, Eastern Box Turtles are typically 4.5 to 6 inches long (11 to 15 centimeters), but they can grow to nearly 8 inches (20 centimeters). The Eastern Box Turtle has a high-domed, rounded, keeled carapace. The keel is much more pronounced

Box Turtle - Gulf Coast

Gulf Coast Box Turtles have a hinged plastron (the underside of the shell), which enables them to shut their shell completely. The carapace of this turtle, or the top side of the shell, is very rounded. The shell is dark brown, as are the skin and th

Box Turtle - Indonesian

Indonesian Box Turtles are moderately sized animals, rarely exceeding eight inches as mature adults. Adult Indonesian Box Turtles have a domed carapace (top of the shell), while younger specimens usually have a flattened carapace. There are three sub

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