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snake collection

African Egg Eating Snake

The African Egg Eating Snake is a thin snake, and by maturity, the average individual will reach approximately 70 centimeters in length, though some may grow to over a meter in length. The basic coloration is gray to brown with darker square-like pat

Anaconda - Green

Green Anacondas are exceptionally large snakes that can typically reach about 15 feet and 165 pounds and sometimes reach twice that size. The Green Anaconda's eyes are strategically located towards the top of the head and close to the nostrils, allow

Anaconda - Yellow

While smaller than its larger relative the Green Anaconda, the Yellow Anaconda can still reach an impressive size. They can exceed fifteen feet in length, although females average less than twelve feet and males average around eight feet. They are pr

Boa - Amaral's

Amaral's Boa is one of the smaller Boa constrictor species, males rarely exceed five feet long and females rarely exceed six feet. Amaral's Boas usually have short, brown tails. Some tails are orange. The body of Amaral's Boa is often brown and somet

Boa - Amazon Tree

The Amazon Tree Boa is one of the most colorful and beautiful species of snake. These creatures make wonderful display animals. Their moderate size and unique coloration make them great for Corallus keepers. Amazon Tree Boas have varied color patter

Boa - Argentine

The male Argentine Boa Constrictor reaches about 8 feet at maturity, and females are larger, and can grow to 10 or 12 feet! It has a gray belly with dark spots. The rest of the snake has a brownish or black background color, with a pattern of darker

Boa - Argentine Rainbow

The Argentinian Rainbow Boa is a little more slender than the average Rainbow Boa, and has sometimes been called Slender Rainbow Boas. They grow to be about 6 feet in length. The scale pattern is generally set on a background of lighter brown or gray

Boa - Brazilian Rainbow

The average adult Brazilian Rainbow will grow to a length of 4 to 6 feet. They will grow quickly and are very aggressive eaters from the start. Newborns will appear dull or faded and begin to show their colors as they approach a length of 30 inches.

Boa - Central American

The Central American Boa Constrictor varies greatly in size. The largest specimen known was 5.5 meters long. They average about 2 meters. The background color of their bodies varies greatly and may be shades of grey or tan, with some specimens having

Boa - Clouded


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