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dog collection


Weighing 7 to 8 pounds (3-4 kg) and not exceeding 11 inches (24-28 cm) in height at the withers~ the Affenpinscher has harsh rough coat and a monkey-like expression. His coat is shaggier over the head and shoulders forming a mane~ with shorter coat o

Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is high-stationed, standing 24 to 29 inches (63-74 cm) in height and weighing 45 to 60 pounds (20-30 kg). The coat may be any colour, but white markings, particularly on the head, are discouraged; many individuals have a black facial

Airdale Terrier

The Airedale Terrier (often shortened to "Airedale") is a large and versatile terrier dog breed originating from Airedale in Yorkshire, England, in the UK. It is often called the "King of Terriers" because it is the largest of the terrier breeds, 50

African Wild Dog

The African wild dog is quite different from the more familiar domestic dogs or the gray wolf. It has highly specialised sharp shearing teeth, large round ears and only four toes on its front feet, rather than five. Each wild dog has its own unique m

Akita Inu

The Akita or Akita Ken is a breed of large Japanese dog, named for Akita Prefecture, where it is thought to have originated. "Inu" means "dog" in Japanese, although in practice this animal is nearly always referred as "Akita-ken," another reading of

American Akita

The American Akita is a dog breed from Japan. It is not identical with the Akita Inu ("Japanese" Akita). Note that in 2006 the FCI-designation Great Japanese Dog was officially changed to American Akita.

Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is a large northern dog breed originally developed for use as a sleddog. The AKC breed standard calls for a natural range of size, with a desired freighting weight of 75 to 85 pounds (34-38.5 kg) and a height of 23 to 25 inches

American Cocker Spaniel

The American Cocker Spaniel evolved in the United States from spaniels imported from Great Britain. By the 1930s the American variety had become so different from the English variety that it was given separate breed status.

American Eskimo Dog

The American Eskimo Dog is a breed of companion dog originating in the United States of America (probably in New York City) in the twentieth century. The breed was formerly called a German Spitz or an "American Eskimo Spitz". It is a member of the Sp

American Foxhound

The American Foxhound is a breed of dog that is cousin to the English Foxhound. They are scent hounds, bred to hunt by scent. The American foxhound is about 21-25 inches tall to the withers, and weighs anywhere between 65-75 pounds. Its legs are ver

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