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turtle collection

Leaf Turtle

A very small turtle, the Leaf Turtle is rarely longer than 4.5 inches. Its carapace, or upper shell, is usually brown and can range in shade from tan to dark brown. The carapace has three keels, or raised ridges, and serrations on the front and rear

Map Turtle

A moderately sized turtle, female Map Turtles are significantly larger than males. The thin lines on their skin and sides are reminiscent of a road map, which is where the turtle derives its name. The majority of Map Turtles have a raised ridge, or k

Mata Mata Turtle

The Mata Mata Turtle can weigh up to 27 pounds, making him one of the largest freshwater turtles. Their shells can measure 18 inches in length at maturity. Females are generally larger than males. Very young Mata Matashave a salmon coloring to their

Musk Turtle

The moderately small Musk Turtle's carapace rarely exceeds 4.5 inches in length. Their dark olive upper shell, or carapace, is unmarked and domed. The carapace may flatten as the turtle matures. Musk Turtles sometimes have a pair of pale colored line

Painted River Terrapin

At maturity, Painted River Terrapins usually measure about 23.5 inches (60 centimeters) in length and weigh nearly 4 pounds (1.8 kilograms). The carapace is grayish brown in color and is marked by a bony ridge running dorsally from one end to the oth

Painted Turtle - Eastern

Eastern Painted Turtles are the most colorful species of turtle found in North America. They have a flat, smooth shell that is usually green. They usually have yellow or orange markings on the shell, most commonly a yellow stripe bisecting the shell

Painted Turtle - Western

The Western Painted Turtle is the largest subspecies of all Painted Turtles. They often grow to lengths of 7 inches and have been known to reach almost 10. Their carapace is smooth, flat, and oval in shape. It is green and black in color, sometimes w

Red Eared Slider

Bright bands on the sides of the Red Eared Slider's head are where they get their name. These bands are not always red, often varying from orange to an almost brick red color; and sometimes they do not appear at all. These bands may also be broken in

Reeve's Terrapin

Rectangular rather than oval like other semi-aquatic turtles, the Reeve's Terrapin rarely exceeds five inches in length. The carapace is characterized by the three raised ridges, or keels, that run the length of the shell. The coloration of Reeve's T

Snapping Turtle

A moderately sized turtle, the Snapping Turtle generally averages between 7 and 9 inches in length. Their oval carapace has a serrated rear edge and ranges between shades of tan or brown to very dark brown, close to black. They often have thin carame

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