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bird collection

African Grey - Princepts

The Princeps African Grey is very similar to the Congo African Grey in appearance and differs by slightly darker plumage. Some also hold that it is slightly smaller than the Congo.

African Grey - Timneh

An African Grey Timneh is a smaller version of the African Grey Congo (nine to eleven inches from beak to tail). Their feathers are also darker and they sport a maroon tail, as opposed to the Congo's bright red tail. Their eyes start out being dark g

Amazon - Blue Fronted

Averaging about fifteen inches in length, the Blue-Fronted Amazon is a beautiful and graceful animal. The bird is primarily green in color, with green feathers that have darker green edges. The Blue-Fronted Amazon has a bright blue forehead and blue

Amazon - Double yellow head

One of the largest Amazons, the Double Yellow Headed Amazon will reach 15-16 inches (38-41cm) at maturity. His wingspan averages eight to nine inches (205-235mm). The most distinguishing feature of the Double Yellow Headed is his bright yellow head.

Amazon - Green cheeked

A gorgeous example of an Amazon parrot, the Mexican Red-Headed Parrot is a scant 13 inches long from head to tail. It has brilliant green cheek feathers and a green body, the same color as the cheeks. Blue and red feathers populate lushly under the w

Amazon - Lilac crown

The Lilac Crown Amazon is slightly smaller than his cousin, the Sonora Lilac Crowned Amazon. Averaging a mature size of 13 inches (33cm) in length, the Lilac Crowned Amazon is of medium size compared to other Amazons. His wingspan ranges from seven t

Amazon - Red Lored

The Red-Lored Amazon is most noted for his red lores and yellow cheeks. The later explains why he is also commonly known as the 'Yellow Cheeked Amazon'. Like most Amazons, the Red Lored's plumage is mostly green, around his crown, and the green is ed

Amazon - Sonora Lilac Crowned

The Sonora Lilac Crowned Amazon is slightly larger than his cousin the Lilac Crown Amazon. Averaging a mature size of 13.5 inches (34cm) in length, the Lilac Crowned Amazon is of medium size compared to other Amazons. His wingspan ranges from seven a

Amazon - White Fronted

Though the White Fronted Amazon is of average size, when compared to other parrots, it is relatively small when compared to other Amazons. At maturity this species will grow to an average length of only nine to ten inches in length. This species is n

Amazon yellow Crowned

The Yellow Crowned Amazon is a handsome parrot. Like most Amazons, his plumage is largely green. His eyes are marked by orange irises. Rainbow markings touch this beautiful bird in many areas. Yellow markings can be seen at the crown, lores, and thig

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