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snake collection

Boa - Coastal Rosy

A moderately sized animal, the Coastal Rosy Boa averages between 22.4 and 35.4 inches, or between 57 and 90 centimeters. They are moderately heavy and have flat, glossy scales. Their heads are characterized by the enlarged chin shield and lack of sca

Boa - Colombian

The Colombian Boa is a primitive snake that closely resembles its lizard ancestors anatomically. The Colombian Boa is often called a Red-tail Boa because of the reddish brown markings on its tail, but in actuality the Red-tail Boas are a different va

Boa - colombian Rainbow

Colombian Rainbow Boas are smaller than most Rainbow Boas, typically growing to a length of about 4 or 5 feet, though some may grow as large as 7 feet. Due to the unusual texture of their scales, Rainbow Boas shimmer with iridescence in daylight, a p

Boa - Cook's Tree

Cook's Tree Boas average between five and six feet in length. They are very slender, enabling distribution of their weight throughout the body. This makes residing in and traveling through trees much easier. They are usually yellowish in color.

Boa - Dumeril's

The Dumeril's Boa will grow to a length of anywhere from six to eight feet long. Their coloration forms into a brown and gray patchwork separated by black stripes. On the head, the black stripes turn into a bluish gray color.

Boa - Emerald tree

Like the name implies, the Emerald Tree Boa has a brilliant light green color. They are also characterized by the presence of white markings. At maturity, the Emerald Tree Boa reaches a maximum size of six to eight feet. As with other tree boas thes

Boa - Haitian

Averaging between six and seven feet, the Haitian Boa is a large snake. Some specimens have been recorded at nine feet or more. They have slender, agile bodies that are well suited for climbing trees. Their skin is usually tan or gray with dark brown

Boa - Hogg island

Hog Island Boas grow to about four to five feet, with females larger than the males. It is darker during the day than at night, and unhealthy animals are also darker than healthy snakes. The tails are not reddish like those of most boas; rather, Hog

Boa - Kenyan Sand

Male Sand Boas will grow to a length of about 15 to 18 inches and weigh as much as 70 to 100 grams. They reach maturity at about 2 years, and after this point, most will eat very little. Females will grow to a length of about 24 to 36 inches and weig

Boa - Mexican Rosy

A relatively small and stout snake, the Mexican Rosy Boa typically will not grow to more than about 2.5 feet in length. Females tend to be longer and more heavy bodied than males. The small eyes of the Rosy Boa have vertical pupils, which are surroun

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