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fish collection

Angelfish keyhole

Keyhole Angels can grow up to seven to eight inches long (18.5 to 20 centimeters) at maturity. They are given the name "keyhole" by the vertically elongated white blotch on the upper portions of their sides. Orange and blue accents may be present jus

Angelfish - Pygmy

At maturity, Pygmy Angels grow to between two and three inches in length. Their bodies are purplish-blue in color, and their faces are orange-yellow or pinkish-yellow. There are blue rings around the eyes, and opercular spines are present on the gill

Angelfish - Queen

They are large fish with yellowish tan bodies, a bright light blue trim is seen on many edges including the fins. This fish is similar to the Blue Angelfish also found in the same area, however, the Queen angelfish has more blue trim.

Angelfish - Regal

The Regal Angel has a yellow face and chest when collected from the Red Sea. Juveniles are marked with a prominent eye-spot on the dorsal fin and several cross bars outlined in a dark shade. They are sometimes mistaken for Angels of the genus Centrop

Angelfish - Rock Beauty

By maturity, many captive Rock Beauty Angels reach about eight inches (20 centimeters) in length, though it said that they can grow up to 2 feet in the wild. They are yellow and black in color. Mature Rock Beauty Angels are mostly yellow. The forebod

Angelfish - Rusty

The Rusty Dwarf Angel usually reaches three to four inches (eight to ten centimeters) in size. Rusty Dwarf Angels are usually orange. Their bodies are "rusted" with a darker black color. The dorsal and anal fins of Rusty Dwarf Angels are usually very

Angelfish - Six Bar

The Six Bar Angel can grow to about 18 inches (46 centimeters) in length, though most captive fish grow to about 12 inches (30 centimeters). As their name suggests, young Six Bar Angels are boldly marked with six light colored vertical bars. Mature s

Angelfish - Vermiculated

A mature Vermiculated Angel is up to seven inches (18 centimeters) long. The frontal parts of the face, and the fan shaped tail are both yellow. Behind the yellow section of the face is a thick black vertical band. Apart from some yellow edging prese

Angel - Marble

Angel Fish are named after their calming and graceful motions. Their body, if viewed from the side, looks somewhat like a broad arrowhead. Their dorsal fins are long and narrow, and they have little pectoral fins. Marble Angel Fish get their name fro

Barb - Albino Tiger

The Albino Tiger Barb is a relatively small fish. It will have about five white, slightly colored stripes. Albino Tiger Barbs will show the most coloration at their tips, with some reddish tints. It will only reach a size of two to three inches at ma

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