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cat collection

Colourpoint Longhair

The colourpoint longhair is often thought of as a glamorous cat. They are a very gently but showy cat.

Exotic cat

They have nearly the same body as the Persian, but a thick, dense short coat. They appeal to people who like the personality of a Persian but do not want the hassle of grooming a long-haired cat. They also known as "Persian for lazy people" Head: Ro


The Himalayan, also called colourpoint Persian, is a breed of cat with extremely long, fluffy fur, and the blue eyes and the points of a Siamese. Himalayan is the American term, while in Europe they are referred to as colourpoint Persians. The body


These cats are highly intelligent, and resemble the Balinese.

Maine Coon

Maine Coons are very large and energetic cats, sometimes weighing 11.3 kilograms (25 pounds); the average weight is 6 to 9 kilograms (13-20 pounds) for adult males and less (7-11 pounds) for females. Growth to full size often takes longer than for mo


The Nebelung cat is a long-haired cat breed, bred to resemble the Russian Blue with a long coat. The Nebelung looks like a Russian Blue, except that the Nebelung has a long coat, whereas the Russian Blue has short coat. "Blue" coloring is known as a

Neva Masquerade

The Neva Masquerade is the colourpointed equivalent of the Siberian Longhair cat. Although previously thought of a separate breed, it is now considered a colour division of the Siberian. It is now bred worldwide.

Norwegian Forest Cat

The existence of the Norwegian Forest Cat has been recorded as far back as 1200 AD, and possibly as early as 800 AD. The Norwegian Forest cat has remained popular throughout history and was even named the official Cat of Norway! Norwegian Forest Cat

Oriental Longhair

The Oriental Longhair, formerly known as the British Angora, is a breed of cat that features a tubular, Siamese-style body (known in the cat fancy as oriental type), but with a longer coat than the short-haired Siamese. The coat can also come in a va


A show-quality Persian has an extremely long thick coat, short legs, a wide head with the ears set far apart, large eyes, and an extremely foreshortened muzzle. The breed was originally established with a short (but not non-existent) muzzle, but over

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