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bird collection

Dove - Mouring

Mourning Doves are usually ten and a half to 13 inches long. Males are normally larger than females. Their coloration is pale grayish brown, and many have thin necks with purple or green iridescent sheens. The lower area of the neck is accented with

Dove - ringneck

The domestic Ring Neck Dove comes in a variety of colors. Originally whites and fawns were the only colors available. In the 1960's breeders began experimenting and through selective breeding have developed a large number of varieties. Please see the

Dove - White wing

They usually arrive in the northern summer breeding grounds by May. White Wing Doves have fairly heavyset bodies, and, of course, white wings. The wing patches are best seen when the White Wing Dove opens its wings; otherwise, they are visible as ou

Finch - Gouldian

The Gouldian Finch is also known as the Painted Finch or Rainbow Finch because of its striking colors and pattern. A small bird, the Gouldian Finch weighs approximately 15 grams at maturity. Naturally occurring Gouldian Finches in the wild are seen i

Finch - Society

The Society Finch is accepted in a wide variety of types and colors. Please read the related article, "The Society Finch: So many possibilities!!" for more information on many of the different color and frilled varieties. Some claim to be able to dis

Finch - Zebra

The Zebra Finch is colorful and quite lovely to behold. There are several different color variations for the Zebra Finch including white, white-gray, milk chocolate, silver, and fawn. All of these color varieties can occur with pied markings as well.

Mockingbird - Northern

At maturity, the Mockingbird measures about nine to ten inches (25 centimeters) in length. Most of the plumage of the mockingbird is light gray, and the underside has whitish feathering. Its wings and long tail are darker gray, and may have white spl

Mynah - Java hill

Covered in black feathering, which has iridescent purple, turquoise or green sheens in sunlight, the Java Hill Mynah is less plain than it might appear at first glance. The bills of Java Hill Mynahs are a cheerful orange color. They end in a yellow t


A common visage in many legends and classic stories, the Raven is midnight black from head to tail, except for its large, short beak. The Raven has distinctly triangular tail feathers, with some ruffled breast feathers complimenting its regal head. I

African Grey - Congo

The African Grey Congo is a medium size bird. They can range in size from 12-14" from their beak to their tail. The normal range for weight is between 400 and 650 grams. The baby parrot will have dark grey, even black eyes until they reach six months

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