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Lizard collection

Alligator - American

By the time they are 20 years old, American Alligators are generally around 12.5 feet long! Their snouts are quite broad, and they exhibit a bit of an over bite. American Alligators have a bony nasal ridge. Although adults range from dull olive green

Crocodile - American

A mature American Crocodile usually measures between five and six meters, although seven-meter animals have been reported. They are usually olive brown in color and have silver irises. Younger animals tend to be lighter or tan in color. Banding is of

Anole - Bahaman

Bahaman Anoles are fairly small lizards, averaging between five and nine inches (13-22cm) in length. Their head, with medium-sized brown eyes, is triangular and small. They appear in a great variety of body patterns, including lines and triangles, an

Anole - Green

At maturity, Green Anoles will grow to a length of 5 to 8 inches. They are slenderly built, with a long, narrow head and a tail. Their tails are so long that they can be up to twice the length of their bodies. They are seen in several colors includin

Anole - Knight

The Knight Anole is the largest anole in the world, and reaches an average 15 inches (38.1 centimeters) to 18 (45.72 centimeters) inches in length at maturity, though specimens as large as 22 inches (55 centimeters) have been observed. Some say that

Basilisk - Brown

Male Brown Basilisks can reach 32 inches in length and females are somewhat smaller. Their three crests are on the head, along the body and along the tail. They usually appear in brown or olive brown with black stripes. The stripes are usually only o

Beaded Lizard

Beaded Lizards are covered in tiny, shiny, raised bumpy scales that look like polished beads. These are generally black with orange, yellow, or pink accents. The head and the feet of a Beaded Lizard are usually solid black. Their short, thick tails h

Caiman - Spectacled

By adulthood, male Spectacled Caimans are usually between six and a half to eight feet in length. Females are smaller. Spectacled Caimans derive their name from the bony ridge, which appears to connect their eyes in the manner of the bridge of a pair

Chameleon - 4 Horn

Typical Four-Horned Chameleons are bright green with brown, yellow, black, and/or red markings. Captive born Quads are sometimes blue or blue-green, but this coloration is rare. The females lack horns and only have a very small sail-fin. Males and fe

Collared Lizard

This lizard has black bands behind its head that look much like a collar, giving it a look that has helped earn its common as well as scientific names. The collar is always present in males, but it may be missing in the female. This is one way to dis

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