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snake collection

Rat Snake - Russian

Russian Ratsnakes have stocky, thick bodies and are very large, growing from six to eight feet in captivity. The heads are well defined and they have a divided anal plate. Juvenile Russian Ratsnakes are brown or tan with crossbands of a lighter shade

Rat Snake - Taiwan Beauty

The Taiwanese Beauty Rat Snake lives up to its name. It's a large snake, usually measuring up to six feet long and splashed with yellow and brown spots. It is a beautifully colored snake, they have stripes and bands in specific places on the body. Th

Rat Snake - Texas

Although most Texas Rat Snakes reach lengths between four and five feet (one and half to one and nine tenths meters), specimens exceeding six feet are not unknown. Their bodies are of a slender type. Although most Texas Rat Snakes are blotched with s

Rat Snake - Trans Pecos

The Trans-Pecos Ratsnake measures between three and four feet on average, though larger specimens have been seen. Some have attained lengths as long as 6 feet. These snakes have unusually large eyes, red tongues, and often they have a black striped p

Rat Snake - Yellow

The Yellow Ratsnake grows from about four and a half feet in length to over six feet! They have keeled scales and range from bright yellow to dun, with four longitudinal stripes of dark brown or black. Yellow Ratsnakes have black tongues. Juveniles m

Ribbon Snake - Eastern

The tail of the Eastern Ribbon Snake usually composes more than a third of its total body length. These beautifully striped snakes often grow to lengths between 18 and 26 inches, and are often mistaken for Garter Snakes, though Garter Snakes have sho

Water Snake - Mississippi Green

At maturity, the Mississippi Green Watersnake reaches a length ranging between 35 and 40 inches. Predominantly dark green or brown, the Mississippi Green Watersnake has keeled scales and a divided anal plate. The color is darkly blotched and is accen

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