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bird collection

Canary - American Singer

The American Singer Canary is an average sized canary with mature adults reaching 5 and 3/4 inches in length. They are seen in a wide spectrum of beautiful colors. Clear yellow is typically the most popular among pet fanciers, and winning show birds

Canary - Border Fancy

The ideal Border Canary should not be larger than five and a half inches at adulthood. The plumage of the Border Canary is accepted in a wide assortment of colors including; Yellows and buffs: variegated green, variegated white, variegated blue, var

Canary - Colored

There are a couple of hundred various colors which comprise the group known as Colourbred Canaries. Only some of these colors include red, or, what is known as red-ground. The hallmark of the Colourbred Canary is his brilliantly colored plumage. In

Canary - Fife Fancy

Some even refer to them as miniature Border Canaries. Over the years the Border Fancy Canary breed and show groups have been working hard to increase their size. The Fife Fancy is never accepted over four and a half inches (11cm) in length. This is t

Canary - German Roller

Most German Roller Canaries are between four and a half and five inches in length. They are not bred for their size, color, or feathering; rather, they are bred for their songs! This means that Roller Canaries can vary greatly in appearance. Breeders

Canary - Roler

As a type canary the Gloster is bred for physical appearance. The key feature of the Gloster is his crest. The crested version is called the 'Corona' and the plain is called the 'Consort'. While the crested is favored in shows, both are very importan

Canary - Norwich

The Norwich Canary is a heavily built canary. It is larger than many canaries measuring six and a half inches in length. The Norwich Canary comes in an array of colors including Cinnamon, Yellow and Buff. The Norwich Canary is a color fed canary, if

Canary - Spanish Timbrado

Most Spanish Timbrado Canaries grow to just over five inches in length. They usually have tight feathering that is greenish with a gray tint. Yellow, white, variegated, and cinnamon colorings are also available. Most have "fish tail" shaped tails, ra

Dove - European Turtle

The European Turtle Dove displays pretty rusty brown feathers, a pinkish breast and neck barring, scaly wing covets and back, grayish cap and rump, and is slimmer and more finely built than the Turkish Turtle Dove. A hallmark of this lovely creature

Dove - Inca

By maturity, Inca Doves are only about nine inches long, with an eleven inch wingspan. They usually weigh one and three quarters ounces. Inca Doves are grayish brown, and their feathers appear "scaly" over their heads, backs, and breasts. In flight,

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