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Bearded Collie

Alternative Name
Highland Collie Mountain Collie Hairy Mou ed Collie (nick: Beardie) (Olde English Dog )

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United Kingdom


It is difficult to distinguish between fact and legend in looking at the history of a breed, but it is believed that in the 17th Century the Polish Lowland Sheepdog was bred into the local Scottish dogs, to give the typical appearance of the working strain of beardie, and that in the 20th Century Old English Sheepdog may have been bred in to produce the longer coat of the typical show beardie. The Beardie nearly became extinct; the modern Beardies all originate from the Bothkennar kennel owned by Mrs Wilison, who began breeding from a small number of remaining working-type Beardies. The breed became more and more popular over the last half of the 20th century, in part propelled by a Bearded Collie, "Potterdale Classic at Moonhill", winning Best in Show at Crufts in 1989. The Bearded Collie Club celebrated its Golden Jubilee year in 2005; where "Bumbleridge Original Oka" (Bred by Sue Nichols-Ward, Owned by Sue Unsworth & Andy Miller) won the "Most Handsome Bearded Collie" event.

Common Foods

pellet dog food


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