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Blenny - Bicolor

Alternative Name
Scientific Name: Ecsenius bicolor

Basic Info

This blenny earns its name from the distinctive coloration on its body. The front half of the Bicolor Blenny is a greenish brown and rear half is yellowish. This fish has ability to modify its coloration when exposed to stress.




Saltwater Fish -The preferred locations are generally small tunnels or tubes in the rocks.


The Bicolor Blenny is a small comical blenny that makes a delightful addition to any aquarium. The Bicolor Blenny is quite inquisitive and will explore the aquarium until it finds a location, which it will then inhabit. The Bicolor Blenny will back into its new home in order to be able to watch the world from its secure home. Somtimes this blenny will use corals such as the Toadstool Leather as a host or for a hiding place.




The Bicolor Blenny is relatively non-aggressive and is an excellent addition to reef aquariums as well as regular aquariums. It will eat a wide variety of foods including flake food and is generally a hardy fish. It is found throughout the Indo Pacific and Indian oceans.

Common Foods



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